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About Focus1 LLC

When it comes to life coaching, FOCUS1 LLC services are unparalleled. We believe that developing the right plan for a person’s life is essential to living a successful one. The vision plan becomes the framework used by the coach to provide guidance to the client and begins with a compilation of information and shared ideas between the client and coach that enables the client achieve their goals and attain success in life. Our approach is uniquely designed for each client to receive optimal success and is equivalent to someone purchasing a tailor-made suit versus one bought in a department store. Although the suit from the store may fit, it was not designed for the customer’s unique specifications and therefore will not accentuate their complimentary attributes as well as the tailor-made suit. FOCUS1 LLC has a coaching method that is similar, our method is tailor-made to fit each client. From its’ development to implementation, the vision plan is designed to accentuate our client’s strengths and redress impediments that hinder their growth, development, and success.


Establish Achievable Goals

FOCUS1 LLC Life Coaches understand the importance of developing rapport with our clients in order to create goals that are practical, measurable, and attainable.  No one wants to fail or fall short of their goals, but the truth is success does not happen accidentally, instantaneously, or overnight.

Provide Objective Feedback for Direction

There’s an old saying, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. At FOCUS1 LLC we want our clients to experience a lifetime of success, that’s why we provide objective feedback for guidance and direction. At some point in life…

Hold people accountable

At FOCUS1, we believe that a person’s greatest level of success reflects their willingness to be held accountable. Holding people accountable is a key component to being an effective life coach and is essential to the client’s growth because it reinforces the necessity to set and maintain standards.

Meet the Life Coach

My name is Jennifer Ruskin, certified Life Coach at FOCUS1 LLC. My years of experience in the Human Services’ industry has enabled me to work with clientele from diverse geographic, economical, and religious backgrounds to develop plans that have enabled them to achieve their goals and obtain the level of success they’ve always envisioned for their lives.

Working in the Human Services’ Industry has taught me that in order to help an individual effect change or achieve new goals, it is vital to remember that each person is the expert of their own life. As a Life Coach, I utilize the information I receive from my clients to develop personalized vision plans that enable them to achieve their goals and enhance their opportunities for success in life. Success means different things to different people, but as a Life Coach it is my responsibility to assist my clients as they identify what success looks like for them. Once my client determines what their vision of success is, we develop a vision plan to help them achieve their desired goal and maintain their success.

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