Provide Objective Feedback for Direction

There’s an old saying, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. At FOCUS1 LLC we want our clients to experience a lifetime of success, that’s why we provide objective feedback for guidance and direction. At some point in life everyone has been in need of direction, guidance, assistance, help, mentoring, training, or counseling.  Our coaches offer consistent feedback to our clients in an effort to provide support and guidance that will enhance their lives through the decisions they make. At FOCUS1, it is our responsibility to educate our clients on the power of good decision making. Sometimes the difference between success and failure lies in a person’s ability to identify and implement sound decisions. At FOCUS1 we emphasize the importance of enhancing a person’s decision making abilities to reflect the level of success they desire. For example, if a person desires to purchase their own home, it would be wise for them to review their credit report to redress delinquent debts, construct and implement a prospective budget, and know what type of home they want to purchase all BEFORE they contact a realtor. Our lives are a summation of the decisions we’ve made, and it is imperative to utilize this understanding because when we realize how powerful our decisions are, we have the capacity to thrive in every facet of life. Making decisions conducive to a person’s growth and productivity is a skill that is essential to living a life of success and at FOCUS1 our coaches provide our clients with the feedback necessary to improve a person’s decision making abilities. As Professional Life Coaches, we at FOCUS1 LLC understand the importance of using discretion while providing exceptional life coaching services to our clientele.  We have worked with individuals from varied cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, and geographic backgrounds and we believe that everyone is entitled to the highest level of civility and respect.