Hold people accountable

At FOCUS1, we believe that a person’s greatest level of success is a direct reflection of their willingness to be held accountable. Holding people accountable is a key component to being an effective life coach and is essential to the client’s growth because it reinforces the necessity to set and maintain standards.  How successful would a person be on their job if they seldom went to work or stole from their employer? How successful would a marriage be if a husband and wife rarely told each other the truth?  How successful would a business owner be if they refused to provide acceptable customer service to their clients?  In the same way a person cannot be a bad employee, a dishonest spouse, or subpar business owner and reap the maximum benefits in those relationships, a person cannot expect to achieve and maintain their desired goals in life without having a set of standards they adhere to. It is imperative that while our Life Coaches hold their clients accountable, they also cultivate a relationship of trust, honor, and honesty that enables the client to be receptive to the guidance the coach offers and supports their efforts to attain their goals. At FOCUS1 we believe that being honest and transparent are essential for our clients maximum benefit, and nothing can be developed or sustained otherwise. If a person lives a life with no parameters, boundaries, or standards, they will become stagnant and eventually find it difficult to maintain success on any level.