There are two key components in most sporting events, timeouts and resuming a game after the timeout has ended.   In life, timeouts are essential because they provide us with the ability to collect ourselves or regroup, assess where we are in life, ask pertinent questions to obtain clarity, determine if we need to redirect our energy elsewhere, formulate or strategize a plan, and interrupt our momentum; so that, when we resume the game of life we are prepared to win BIG.

My blog is designed to provide people in need of motivation, insight, and guidance with a timeout.  Timeouts are effective if used appropriately, but let me be clear about one thing.  Timeouts should not be utilized to circumvent, avoid, or nullify the situations people face, but instead, used as a means to provide them with the ability to “quiet the noise” around them so that their next move can be their BEST move.

Think about it…. it’s the fourth quarter, you have the ball, there’s seven seconds left on the clock, and your team is down by one point.  What do you do?  At that very moment, your coach signals for you to call a timeout.  That’s what I want my blog to be for you if you’re experiencing challenges in life and could benefit from an unbiased perspective.  Ok, you’ve got me; I’m totally lying.  My perspective isn’t unbiased at all because, truth be told, I want you to win big and achieve your goals!!

I am willing to share the knowledge, skills, and expertise I’ve obtained from working with others to help you achieve your goals.  I believe that the reasons we experience certain challenges in our life is to enable us to help others and provide them with support as they face similar circumstances.  Life is not always easy, fair, or pleasant, but there is one undisputable fact about life, it goes on. When life happens, AND IT WILL, you must be prepared to move along with it because if you are not, you will get left behind.  I know that’s a pretty harsh truth to accept, but it is the truth.  As a Life Coach, I believe that everything begins with the truth. 

Timeouts aren’t necessarily long in duration, but can provide you with an opportunity to refocus your attention on what’s really at stake; thereby, enabling you to conceptualize and aim for the bigger picture.  So as we get started on this journey together, I implore you to use these timeouts because before you know it, they’ll be over, and you’ll be BACK IN THE GAME.